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About Facial

The last time you look in mirror, have you noticed the changes in your face? Maybe it’s time to start a special facial care. We can recommend treatments to resuscitate dull skin, clogged pores, skin spots and pimples. You will experience a noticeable skin change and a refreshed mind and body with this special hand massage.

Safe for Beginners

You can feel at-­ease, as we do not use forcible sales tactics or solicit expensive products. Our services are comparable to going to a hair salon. Our services range from head therapy to aromatherapy body massage.

Contents of services

Head therapy (15min)

Head massage stimulating the pressure points of optic nerve relieving tiredness of your face and eyes. This massage also tightens facial lines from the scalp. We recommend that a person who has extreme body stiffness combine Head therapy with Aroma body care.


Pore Cleansing (50min)

〜For customers requiring pore cleaning or who have pimples〜 Facial massage using palm-­tucking techniques to clean facial pores and to get rid of old keratin. It makes your skin smoother by tightening pores using a special lotion. (cleansing→ face wash→ keratin care facial mask→ finishing)

¥7,700→ First time visit price ¥4,980

Face LiK Massage (60min)

〜Recommended for customers with dull skin〜 Massage loosing up the stiff muscles of shoulder and neck using aromatherapy oil to improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow. It gives the impression of a smaller face because waste maNer accumulated around face line is removed. (cleansing→ face wash→ shoulder and neck massage→ facial liO mask→ finishing)

¥11,000 → First time visit price ¥7,300

Skin Treatment + Head Therapy (Recommended for Beginners)

〜Recommended for customers who need skin treatment and relaxaSon〜 Through a skin consultation, we will recommend a treatment to improve your skin problems. Our all hand care will improve blood circulation to your shoulders, neck and face. (cleansing→ face wash massage→ shoulder and neck massage→facial mask→ treatment→ head therapy→ finishing)

¥17,300 → First time visit price ¥9,900

Photo Facial (1 visit)

Skin light treatment tightening up pores, facial wrinkles and also treating various skin problems such as brown spots, broken capillaries, pimples. It is very effective in treating blotched and pimpled skin. Skin light treatment combined with Pore cleansing increases light penetration. (cleansing→ Photo→ facial mask→ finishing)


Facial Price

Facial Head Therapy ¥2,040 15min
Pore Cleansing ¥4,980 First time visit price
Face Lift Massage ¥7,300 First time visit price
Skin Treatment + Head Therapy *Recommend ¥9,900 Recommended for Beginners
¥17,300 Proper Price
Photo Facial ¥11,000 1 visit
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