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Feature of Massage

Lymphatic body massage using the healing power of the palms and aromatherapy oil. A little bit of soreness/tenderness can be normal after a rigorous massage. We also provide special care services for wedding and maternity.

Safe for Beginners

You can feel at-ease as we do not use forcible sales tactics or solicit expensive products. Our services are comparable to going to a hair salon. Our services range from head therapy to aroma therapy body massage.

Types of services

Aroma Body Care ¥3,300 →¥2,310 till 2nd visit 30%off

Massage concentra’ng on a specific part of your body. Through this short 20 min massage, you will feel rejuvenated. Facials or an eyelash curl can also be conducted simultaneously.

Shoulders/neck/hips massage
Massage using aroma oil concentrating on your upper body to relieve tiredness, stiffness and pain. Amount of pressure can be adjusted upon your request.
Shoulder blade massage
Massage to improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow to your shoulders. You might feel soreness resulting in your shoulders feeling lighter and relaxed.
Legs/foot soles massage
Massage that reduces swelling of the legs and the soles of the feet. Massage targets the lymphatic flow of the legs and pressure points on the soles of your feet.

Aroma Body Care (70min) ¥11,000 →¥7,700 till 2nd visit 30%off

Massage concentrating on your backside working from the soles of your feet to the buttocks/hips and finishing at your back/shoulder blades. Original technics applying ancient Chinese medicine and western style beauty treatment technics are used to improve blood circulation and to reduce swelling of the body. This is a total body massage relieving you of dullness and fatigue. You will feel less fatigued and more energized.

Aroma Body Care & Facial (120min) ¥19,000 →¥13,300 first visit 30%off

Full-body massage that includes a facial treatment, head therapy and total aroma body care. You will feel completely relaxed as this massage rids your entire body of fatigue. You will be satisfied with this pleasant feeling massage of your entire body. This massage treatment is an out-of-body experience.

Aroma Body Care Price

Body Aroma Body Care ¥3,300 20min
Aroma Body Care ¥11,000 60min
Aroma Body Care&Facial ¥19,000 100min
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